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International Conference on the Indus Script, Mohenjodaro

Conference Theme: The Indus script is one of the major ancient writing systems of the 3rd millennium BCE that has so far defied all attempts at decipherment. This writing system has its origins in the Early Harappan Period, circa 3300 BCE at sites throughout the greater Indus Valley and Baluchistan as well as in the areas of the Ghaggar-Hakra-Nara River Valley and Gujarat. The Indus script became widespread and flourished during the Harappa Period from 2600-1900 BCE when it is seen on a wide range of materials, including pottery, seals, ornaments and other objects. It is found at Indus sites in throughout Pakistan and northwestern India, as well as sites with Indus links in Afghanistan, Iran, Oman, the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq and beyond. Its decline and disappearance during the Late Harappan Period (1900-1000 BCE) is also a topic that requires new investigation.
This conference and associated workshop is aimed at bringing together scholars from throughout the world who have been involved in developing ways to understand the Indus script and the contexts for its use. This includes the ways in which the Indus script has been found in adjacent regions of Arabia, Mesopotamia, Iran and Central Asia. This open call for papers is to invite scholars who have been working on various approaches to study the Indus script to come together to present their ideas about the Indus Script to each other and the general public. The conference will also include some workshop sessions to discuss collaborative efforts to increase the flow of information and technology used to better understand the chronology, the context and the interpretation of this important writing system.

Abstract Submissions: 30th September 2019
Abstract submissions will be reviewed by the conference organizing committee and formal invitations for participation will be issued by Oct. 20, 2019.

Letters of Acceptance and call for full papers: 20th October 2019
If your paper is accepted you will be expected to prepare a final copy for publication, prior to the conference and no later than Nov. 30, 2019. Detailed guidelines for paper submission will be sent with the letter of acceptance.

Last date for receipt of full papers: 30th November 2019
The submitted papers will be published in a volume for distribution at the conference and a second edited volume will be developed after the conference to publish the results of collaborative research emerging from the workshop itself.

3. Preferred Contact Information and telephone numbers.
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4. Include a scanned copy of your passport or NID.
6. ABSTRACT: (please limit this to around 200 words)
7. Please indicate your Travel Preference: Air, Rail, Road
(Please plan to arrive in Karachi by 07.01.2020). All international and local travel and local hospitality will be covered by the conference organizers National Fund for Mohenjodaro.

Please indicate if you are willing to share a room with another participant or if you want a single room.

Convener: Dr. Kaleemullah Lashari

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