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National Conference on Heritage of Sindh, Hyderabad 2020

Sindh has seen rich material development, which is diverse and multi-facetted. This march of centuries continued spectacularly till the present day has arrived. Many of manifestations of the rich material culture are bequeathed to succeeding generations, while it is feared that much of it has been lost to the world.
During the historic period we have some evidence that the societies exercised their learned influence to safeguard these, while it is also narrated that the disasters, man-made as well as natural wiped out much of it.
With the dawn of modern age such discipline as archaeology and heritage studies have helped in peeping the past to some extent. In Pakistan also the scholars have taken liking to the branches of studies such as archaeology, numismatics, sigiliography, archaeometery, epigraphy, epistolary, history & historical methodology, paleozoology & botany, sedimentology, archaeological-chemistry physical anthropology etc. etc.
In order to share the work on the Heritage of Sindh a National Conference is going to be held in Hyderabad.
The Abstracts to are required to be submitted up to ………. The accepted Abstracts shall be notified and the full papers shall be called, the last date for the submission of the full papers shall be ……….. 2020. The participants shall be notified on the ……….. 2020.
The Conference shall hold dedicated panels and a final plenary session to formalize the Recommendation for the policy for the management of the physical heritage.
Call for Papers invites all potential participants to send their Abstracts (not exceeding 300 words), along with a short bio (not exceeding 200 words) latest by ………..2020.
Dates to be remembered:
Last date for the submission of Abstract ………….. 2020
Last date for submission of Full Papers ……….. 2020
Invitation to be extended to Participants by ……….. 2020

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Kaleemullah Lashari, PhD, S I

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